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5 Weeks To Go: Year 11s Share Their Exam Preparation Tips

GCSE exams start in just five weeks and our students have been busy drawing up revision timetables, attending revision workshops and using the numerous apps available to develop their learning.

Year 11 tutor groups have a specific focus so that each morning, students can receive dedicated help in subjects such as English, maths and science.

We spoke to a group of Year 11s about the different revision techniques they use and how they take time to relax in between revision sessions.

Ben Carr is hoping to stay on at TCA’s Sixth Form to study A levels in chemistry, English and geography. He said: “My revision technique is to basically shut myself away with music – I find that helps me to concentrate. I’m feeling okay about the start of the exams and if I keep up what I’ve been doing, I’ll feel prepared for the exams and hopefully, I’ll have done enough to stay on next year. I’m definitely thinking about going to university. I’m not sure where yet but I’m considering doing a science because I think that’s my strongest subject.”

Jasmin Tura is hoping to study A levels in psychology, chemistry and biology at TCA’s Sixth Form. She said: “I’m sticking to my revision timetable which is made up of a two-week plan, after which I change it and concentrate on something else. I create mind maps to help me remember things and then I copy things out again to see what I have remembered. 
“To relax, I watch films or spend time with my mum.”

Jody Haines says she has been using the weekends to concentrate on her revision. She said: “I learn by reading things through so I’ve been using the revision guide books and going through those. I read it until it sinks in. I’ve been concentrating on history and French as that’s where I need a bit more help.”