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Information regarding TikTok and Cunch Line Chronicles

Information for parents/carers from Cambridgeshire County Council’s Safeguarding Team regarding a risk posed to young people using TikTok and a game called Cunch Line Chronicles:

We have been made aware of a disturbing child-abduction horror film that is currently going viral on ‘TikTok’ and ‘You Tube’, some 9 years after its initial release.

Children and young people are naturally curious, especially when influenced by their peers to go online, however the content of such films contain violence, abuse and can be extremely distressing to viewers.  

Our advice to parents/carers is to sensitively check in with your children, particularly if they have been showing behavioural changes or seem upset or withdrawn. Do this by having an open conversation and suggest that you’ve heard there is some disturbing content being circulated online or via TikTok and ask if they’ve heard of anything like that? This is the best way to open an indirect conversation that enables your child to talk to you about any concerns without inciting them or their friends to seek out the actual content. Please ensure that children and young people in your care know who they can talk to if they come across something that upsets or distresses them online.

The second relates to an online game/app – Cunch Line Chronicles – which glorifies County Lines. It is a game about running a County Lines (Cunch) operation.  The Police authorities nationally are all aware of this app and investigating whether any action can be done about it.  It appears to have an in-chat facility which would enable grooming/recruitment and so hopefully action can be taken.