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Year 11 maths assessment update - AP2

  • As with AP1, you will have 3 papers: 1 non-calculator and 2 calculator papers (1 hour each)
  • All questions will be ONLY from the topics that are listed below (Higher in blue; Foundation in orange)
  • Students can use their revision guide and workbook provided by the school & Hegarty Maths to revise these topics.
  • Saturday intervention sessions (8th May & 15th May) will be focussing on these topics only.

Please contact Mrs Timothy Nicholas (Head of Maths) for any queries.

Assessment Point 2 revision topics:
Non Calc Calc 1 Calc 2
Multiplication of fractions Venn diagram Speed, distance, Time
Congruent properties Cubic graphs Area - Problem solving
Angles in parallel lines Add/Sub vectors Solving simultaneous equations & Quadratic equations (Using Graphs)
Kinematics formulae Reverse percentage/CI Probability (Expected number)
Ratio & Fractions (a:b:c) Powers/Factorise Standard form
Cumulative frequency Gradient Algebraic fractions/Expanding triple brackets
Probability (Tree diagram)

Similar shapes (Area)

Circle Theorems
Sampling Nth term of a quadratic sequence Gradient and Area Under Graphs
Directly proportional/percentage increase Trigonometric Ratios Pythagoras/Trig in 3D
Simplifying surds/Rationalising the denominator Conditional Probability LCM
Area of circles and sectors/using algebra Equation of circle  
Powers and roots    
Non calc Calc 1 Calc 2
Multiples and factors Rounding Fractions and Percentages
Fractions and Decimals Fractions and Percentages Using Powers and Roots
Probability Scale Operations Vertical Line Charts
Coordinates Angle facts Interpret Calculator Displays
Fraction - problem solving Linear Equations One Unknown Real-life graphs
Function machine Prime Numbers Sequences and Rules
Two-way table Pie Charts Collecting Like Terms/Solving linear equations
Frequency table Fractions and Percentages (Problem solving) Probability of events
Estimation Combined Transformations Exchange rate graphs
nth Term of a Sequence Problems Involving Ratio Comparing Distributions
Cubic and Reciprocal Graphs (Types of graphs) Venn Diagrams Plans and Elevations of 3D solids
Percentage profit/Loss Cubic Graphs Speed distance time
Stem and leaf diagram Vector addition/subtraction Rectangular area - Problem solving
Standard Form Angles in Polygons Solving simultaneous equations/quadratic equations using graphs
Change the subject/Simplify indices    
Multiplication of Fractions    
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