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Empathy Day library display

We have a wonderful display in our library to mark this year's Empathy Day on Thursday, June 9.

Librarian Miss Robinson has created 'Read for Empathy' which showcases books for the annual event, and if you need help finding anything just ask.

"I particularly like what the author Rebecca Westcott says about a book being 'a window into the world of others but also a mirror'. It is so important to have access to books with characters or settings you are familiar with that allow you to reflect on your own situation and experiences, and equally important to be able to be transported to another life or world," said Miss Robinson.

This year is the sixth annual celebration and the organisers are hoping to grow the book-based empathy movement and inspire young people to learn more about empathy. The aim is to reach more than a million by 2026.

The theme is 'empathy, our human superpower' and there is lots to discover via