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Mental Health is important all year round

World Mental Health Day was held earlier this month - but our library always has resources around the subject.

The theme of this year's awareness day, October 10, was Make mental health and wellbeing for all a global priority. The World Federation for Mental Health wants the issue at the top of the agenda to help prevent as well as treat problems.

The day is a reminder to talk about mental health and how important it is to talk about things and get help. The topic is important and should be discussed.

Our library has a wide variety of books - some for escapism and others non-fiction with a focus on mental health and wellbeing. These are available to borrow every day and the list of books recommended for 13 to 18-year-olds includes issues such as anxiety, stress, exam pressure and bullying.

Public libraries, including Wisbech, also offer a full range of books linked with the topic and students are encouraged to talk to a trusted adult if help is needed.