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Stress Awareness Week

International Stress Awareness Week starts on Monday, November 7 and aims to raise awareness about prevention while exploring ways of dealing with anxiety.

The annual event looks closely at stress management and the theme for this year is 'Working together to build resilience and reduce stress.'

The week is a reminder to keep talking about mental health and how it needs to be looked after. It is really important to talk and get help if you are struggling.

Reading not only helps literacy, but can also be a great way to switch off and relax. It can be time well spent thinking about the book you are reading and enjoying a little escapism. Or there are a huge range of non-fiction books which focus on mental health.

Our academy has a good selection of both fiction and non-fiction which  look at wellbeing. They may help you learn coping mechanisms, or understanding how a friend or family member may be feeling.

You can borrow books from the library, have a look before school, during break or at lunchtime and if you have any suggestions for appropriate titles let Miss Robinson know.

Everyone goes through stressful times and it's perfectly normal for all of us. Things can occasionally feel overwhelming,  and you feel under pressure.  There are some helpful tips and advice here: