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Facts can be fascinating

We are coming to the end of Non-Fiction November - but don't worry because our library always has a good supply of factual reading.

The Federation of Children's Book Groups organises NFN to celebrate books and magazines which are not to be found in the fiction section of the library.

And while we are heading rapidly into December, there is still a wide range of books you can find in the academy library which are packed with facts.

So whether it's geography, photography, football or inventions, there will be something to suit everyone.

And there's a brand-new non-fiction magazine called Britannica which is designed for student readers who want to learn about fantastic facts, extraordinary feats and awe-inspiring true-life stories.

You can find a copy in our library or head to and use the password britannica to view them online.

There is plenty to discover in our academy library so visit at break or lunch to uncover some amazing facts.