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Trip to see & Juliet on stage

A Shakespeare story with a musical twist in London was the destination for a group of our students.

A trip to the capital’s Shoreditch Theatre was organised to see the musical show & Juliet, a totally different version of the Bard’s love story complete with pop hits, amazing choreography and uplifting script.

Head of Drama Michael Clay said the theatre trip aimed to promote a love of Shakespeare while raising awareness that drama GCSE is an option available to students.

The multi-award winning production sees Juliet ready to leave Verona, and heartbreak behind. Dancing with her best friends through the night seems like a good move, but she has to face her past to move on. Romeo who?

With Anne Hathaway arguing with husband William Shakespeare to create a happier ending to one of his great tragedies, Juliet runs away to Paris and gets embroiled in another relationship.