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UK Disability History Month

We are currently in UKDHM when the focus is on the experience of children and young people exploring their experiences in the past, how things are now and what is needed for the future.

The campaign aims  to prompt everyone to reduce and remove any barriers and negative attitudes which could impair the experience of young people with a long-term impairment.

Social exclusion, stigma, stereotypes and negative barriers, including social, can be overcome and consigned to history, and the month provides a time to focus on improving inclusion.

Running until December 16, UKDHM is the perfect time to find out more and our library has a wealth of books which can help you to gain a greater insight into issues you may not face yourself.

There is also a range of websites which will also be useful:

Read about BBC presenter Lucy Edwards here

The latest tech from Disability Expo 2023 from BBC Newsround

Take a look at different types of football with people who play them, link here