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  • LATEST: Coronavirus (COVID-19) updates

    Published 14/10/20
    October 18th - Letter to parents

    Click here to read a letter to parents regarding two members of staff who have tested positive for COVID-19 over the weekend.

    October 16th - Symptoms of COVID-19 and other illnesses/sending your child to school

    Click here to view an information poster containing guidance on what to do if your child is unwell.

    October 13th update - one COVID-19 case confirmed

    Please see letters below which were sent home to parents following the confirmation of a COVID-19 case in school:

    Close contacts letter - this letter was sent only to the parents/carers of students who need to self-isolate. In addition, each of the students who were told to self-isolate were spoken to personally, along with their parents/carers.
    Whole school letter - this letter was sent to all parents/carers of TCA students to inform them of the situation.  

    COVID-19 related absence from school

    Click here to view a quick guide for parents regarding COVID-19 related absence from school.

    COVID-19 Behaviour Policy Addendum

    Click here to view the COVID-19 Behaviour Policy Addendum - September 2020.

    Videos: A message from the Principal and safety measures at TCA - September 4th

    A message from Principal Mr Scott:



    A summary of the safety measures we have put in place to keep our school community safe:



    Cambridgeshire County Council parent handbook - September 2nd 2020

    Click here to view county council's Welcome Back to School booklet for parents/carers of children returning to school.

    Updated parent handbook - September 1st 2020

    As new guidance is received around schools re-opening, our parent handbook has been reviewed and updated. Please read the most recent version here - updates to previous information can be found underlined in purple on pages 5, 10, 12 and 13.

    Letter to parents (August 11th): September full re-opening

    Face coverings in school - August 27th 2020

    Click here to read the latest information. 

    Result of the COVID-19 risk assessment for the full reopening of Thomas Clarkson Academy from autumn term 2020.

    Following the Government’s announcement that schools are to reopen to all students at the start of the autumn term 2020, we have been preparing our school to safely welcome back students and staff. This has involved a comprehensive risk assessment process to ensure risks continue to be effectively managed. Consideration has been given to balancing the minimisation of risks from Coronavirus (COVID-19) with providing a full educational experience for children and young people, in line with Government guidance.

    Government guidance for the reopening of schools, including that for parents and carers, can be accessed here.

    Thomas Clarkson Academy and The Brooke Weston Trust will continue to monitor guidance and will adopt a dynamic risk management approach to ensure the operation of the school remains as safe as possible.  

    The results of our risk assessment are published  here. We have also produced an information booklet (link below) which is intended to give you an outline of what our new school environment will look and feel like and reassure you that we will do everything we can to make school as safe as it can be for students and staff.

    Letters to parents - July 21st 2020

    End of term letter to parents/carers

    GCSE results day information

    A level results day information

    Letter to parents - July 10th 2020

    Letter to parents: September re-opening

    BWT CEO parent update

    Letter to parents from BWT's CEO - June 26th 2020

    School re-opening information (June 10th update)

    The following documents have been sent to Year 10 and Year 12 families, ahead of school re-opening for these year groups from Monday 15th June 2020. For other year groups, these documents are for information only.

    Principal's letter
     Guide to re-opening: Year 10
    Guide to re-opening: Year 12
    Attendance and meals booking form
    Behaviour Policy addendum
    Home School Agreement

    Letter to parents (May 22nd) 

    Click here to read a letter to parents/carers regarding TCA's proposals for the summer term.

    Update to parents from BWT CEO - May 13th

    Click here to read a letter to parents from BWT CEO Andrew Campbell.

    Important update for Year 13s - Thursday 7th May

    Letter to Year 13 students

    More details: Government support package for universities and students

    Covid-19 Ofqual GCSE and A Level Guidance

    Ofqual have today (03/04/20) set out details on how GCSE and A level grades will be awarded in the summer. Please see below Ofqual GCSE and A level guidance documents for your information. Please bear with us whilst we digest the contents. We will update you further in the coming weeks as more details emerge. ​​​

    Letter to students from Ofqual

    Ofqual guidance

    This page contains all the latest information for parents/carers regarding coronavirus (COVID-19). 

    Click here: TCA SEND information report update COVID-19 - April 

    Please note: This report must be read in conjunction with Thomas Clarkson Academy’s SEND Information Report.  

    COVID-19 - Free School Meals Update - Tuesday 1st April

    Free School Meal arrangements from Monday 6th April 2020

    Please visit for further information.

    School closure update – Sunday 22nd March

    For those students who will be attending school tomorrow (children who are vulnerable and children whose parents are critical to the COVID-19 response and cannot be safely cared for at home), the normal school times apply – 8.30am to 2.55pm. Students are permitted to arrive from 8.20am onwards. On arrival, students should use the community entrance.

    If children can stay safely at home, they should, to limit the chance of the virus spreading. Many parents working in the sectors critical to the COVID-19 response may be able to ensure their child is kept at home. And every child who can be safely cared for at home should be.

    For Key Stage 3 students who were absent last week and did not receive their resource packs, the packs will be available from reception from Monday 23rd March. There are also copies of the resources on our website (, where students can also access online learning and communicate with teachers.

    People can get in touch with the school via the normal routes and should check the website for information.

    School closure letter to parents/carers - March 20th

    Please click this link to access Key Stage 3 resource booklets for students

    To log in, use the 'Quick Links' menu (top right) and select RM Unify.

    Alternatively, click on the orange 'Remote Learning' bar on the TCA website homepage.

    You should only send your child to school on Monday if you have to, because your work is critical to our COVID-19 response. If you are able to keep your child at home, you should. #StayHomeSaveLives

    Coronavirus Covid-19 update - School Closure Information (20 March)

    Please visit for further information about school closures for Brooke Weston Trust schools. 

    Coronavirus Covid-19 BWT Statement Regarding School Closure Announcement - 18 March

    Following the government’s latest announcement, the situation regarding the opening of schools has changed. Please visit for full details.

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  • Eco Club to create vegetable garden

    Published 23/11/20

    Younger members of TCA’s Eco Club are hoping to grow their own produce on site for use in the school restaurant.

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  • TCA’s Family Worker

    Published 23/11/20

    TCA’s Family Worker is offering a new course, ‘Raising Teens’, as part of her role in supporting students and their families.

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  • Library services re-open

    Published 18/11/20

    Librarian Miss Robinson is delighted to announce that library services have resumed, with things being done a little differently to allow students to safely borrow books again.

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  • Profile on Assistant Principal Mr Siracusano

    Published 18/11/20

    Remembrance Day was particularly significant for Assistant Principal Mr Siracusano, who served with the Royal Engineers and the Royal Army Physical Training Corps before he entered the teaching profession.

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  • Introducing: TCA’s Mental Health Lead

    Published 16/11/20

    TCA is committed to supporting the mental health and wellbeing of its students and has a designated Mental Health Lead to further this aim.

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  • National Poetry Day winner

    Published 16/11/20

    Year 13 student Max Hamilton was chosen as this year’s winner of TCA’s National Poetry Day competition thanks to his evocative verse.

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  • World Kindness Day

    Published 16/11/20

    World Kindness Day and Anti Bullying Week are annual events which take place in November and this year, perhaps more than ever, we need to ensure we spread the message of kindness and tolerance.

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  • Non-fiction November

    Published 12/11/20

    The theme of this year's Non-Fiction November is The Planet We Share and there are lots of books out there to help students explore this issue.

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  • Remembrance Day: Recommended reads & resources

    Published 12/11/20

    Remembrance Day may have prompted students to find out more about what it is and why it is commemorated here in the UK as well as abroad. 

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  • Scholars Programme offers university-style learning

    Published 11/11/20

    Students will experience university-style learning and develop their critical thinking with the launch of this year’s Scholars Programme at TCA.

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  • Heather takes up new role as CFO

    Published 11/11/20

    Welcome to the Brooke Weston Trust’s Chief Financial Officer, Heather Lees, who will bring a wealth of experience to the newly-created role.

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