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Genetic engineering goes under the microscope

Specialist equipment was loaned to our academy for our students to take a closer look at genetic engineering.

The Yr 10 and 13 group took part in the Amgen Biotech Experience and the micropipettes and centrifuge came from the University of Cambridge.

“Students had an opportunity to learn more about genetic engineering and take part in hands-on experiments,” said Mrs Tan,  Head of Social Sciences and Biology Subject Lead.

“Genetic engineering is an important set of techniques which allow many developments in areas of medicine and agriculture, such as providing insulin for people with diabetes, creating a hepatitis B vaccine and growing disease-resistant crops,” she added.

Students had a chance to learn more about lab-based biology careers and the programme, presented by the Amgen Biotech Experience, gave an inspirational look at the subject.

Participants were taught how to use a micropipette and then use that skill to transfer genes from one plasmid to another and then use a technique called electrophoresis to visualise the results.

“Students used materials normally used by university students,” said Mrs Tan.